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Daniel Diyepriye is a luxury African heritage fashion house and brand.

The brand pays homage to Tubonimi Nkari Dokubo, Daniel Diyepriye’s father.
His taste for uncompromising quality and impeccable taste defines the Daniel Diyepriye approach to creating fashion.

“Diyepriye” means wealth will follow you in the Nigerian language of Kalabari, spoken by the river state people.

The image above was taken in the early eighties when Mr Nkari Dokubo first migrated from Africa (specifically Nigeria Calabar) to Brixton London England.

Daniel Diyepriye is about heritage and legacy. Taking up space in the world as an African and establishing value for our culture, heritage, and history in the way we create and represent; our true wealth and luxury.

Growing up, Mr. Dokubo used puzzles to bond and instill in his son many vital principles about life. Patience, beauty in details, and the importance of several pieces coming together to create something greater. We now use the jigsaw puzzle pattern to embody these principles.



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