Would you call or keep him? We won’t tell.

The “Lost Dog” search continues.

Daniel Diyepriye is a luxury African heritage fashion house and brand.

Envisioned by Tubonimi Nkari Dokubo, who sadly passed away in April of 2020, the brand was later established by his son Daniel Diyepriye in October 2021.

The brand pays homage to Tubonimi Nkari Dokubo’s taste for uncompromising quality and impeccable design, which defines the Daniel Diyepriye standard. Collections and their respective pieces draw their names and design elements from Nigerian cultures and languages.

“Diyepriye” means wealth will follow you in the Nigerian language of Kalabari, spoken by the river state people.

The image above was taken in the early eighties when Mr Nkari Dokubo first migrated from Africa (specifically Nigeria Calabar) to Brixton London England.

Growing up, Mr. Dokubo used puzzles to bond and instill in his son many vital principles about life. Patience, beauty in details, and the importance of several pieces coming together to create something greater. We now use the jigsaw puzzle pattern to embody these principles.

“For a long time luxury has been defined by everyone else, but Africans.

Daniel Diyepriye is about heritage and legacy. Taking up space in the world as an African and establishing value for our culture, heritage, and history in the way we create and represent; our true wealth and luxury.”



Would you call or keep him? We won’t tell.

The “Lost Dog” search continues.

For anyone thinking it is about time their old school hoodie got a refresh, we have got you covered-literally. This relaxed fit will have you feeling lost and found all at the same time. Abeg, go cop yours.


  • Long sleeves
  • White or Black Puff-print “DD Equation” logo print (back)
  • White or Black Puff-print “Lost Dog” print (front)
  • 100% Cotton
  • Double lined Pull-over Hood with drawstrings on White print edition
  • Double lined Pull-over Hood  without drawstring on Black print edition
  • Ribbed hem
  • Ribbed cuffs
  • Kangaroo front pockets

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