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What sets your luxury brand apart from other brands in the market?

 DanielDiyepriye is the worlds first Luxury fashion house founded by an African , from the perspective of an African

Are your products made with genuine, high-quality materials?

All of our products are 100% genuine authentic leather. We have vegan options also

How do you ensure the exclusivity and limited availability of your luxury products?

All our handbags are handmade and numbered ensuring each piece is rare.

Can you provide information about the craftsmanship and attention to detail that goes into creating your luxury items?

Our leather sourced from togo is sent to our ateliers in Ghana and Asia. Each piece is made with extreme car and detail and we are just getting started.

What is the inspiration behind your brand's designs and collections?

The brand was founded by Daniel Diyepriye after the death of his father, the jigsaw symbolises the big picture, attention to detail, and patience things Daniels father installed in him as a child they often played with jigsaw together read the full story in “Our story section”

Do you offer customisation or personalisation options for your luxury products?

Of course, we currently offer any and all customisation we believe luxury starts with customisation. We are working on a whole section that will allow our clients to customise their best pieces on our website. Look out for that under our “Personalisation section”

How do you ensure the authenticity of your luxury items and protect against counterfeit products?

Each piece is fitted with our security Nft tag located anywhere you see the brand logo usually located on the base of the bag. This tag once tapped with your smart phone will display year of manufacter, bag number and style and order number.

How do you handle after-sales service and customer care for your luxury products?

After every purchase customers will be given our after care what’s app number for 24 hour after care.

How long will my order take ?

Typically orders in the UK 1-2 working days USA are 3-5 working days.