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Our Story

Love from Nigeria

Daniel Diyepriye is British Nigerian Fashion designer. Who launched the luxury brand after the death of his father Tubonimi Nkari. The iconic jigsaw motif symbolises patience, overview and attention to detail lessons Mr. NKARI installed in Daniel. With uncompromising quality and deep roots in African Heritage, the brand is poised to be world’s first luxury African fashion house. The brand quickly became popular in the states after being featured in British vogue and has been compared too many of the more established designers to date.

Our Mission

Our mission is to become the first Luxury African fashion house.

Luxury takes time

Our mission is to simply begin to associate luxury with all things Africa. The first Luxury African fashion house a nice ring to it. Building on the promise of heritage and the wings of legacy. We will continue to expand and evolve the standard of luxury setting the standard to follow within African fashion.

Honoring heritage

Daniel hosted his first runway collection in Ghana Accra entitled the land of abundance on 6th January 2022 which was named after his father Tubo Nimi Nkari Dokubo. Nkari meaning land of abundance in the Nigerian language Kalabari brought to light the question Did Daniel’s father pictured above find the abundance, when migrating or did he leave the abundance behind